Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why don't you move?

Back when I worked at Lund Boat Company I coordinated the Lund Sportswear program. We worked with Our sister company, Ranger Boats, as they already had a successful sportswear program.  This gave me the opportunity to work with the staff in their Flippin, Arkansas facility. These were great people with legendary southern hospitality.  I worked with a great woman named Sheri. She was helpful, friendly and loved to provide great customer service.  At the end of my first call to Sheri, I learned that the proper way to address anyone down south was  as Darlin' or Honey.

After working with Sheri over the phone for a couple months without meeting her, we were like best buddies.  This is before Facebook, Twitter, the Internet, or texting (even before cell phones), my kids would call this the dark ages of the early 1990's.

In February, we had a terrible cold snap in Minnesota. Perham and New York Mills, Minnesota all were feeling the wrath of winter. There was even a streak of 18 days below zero Fahrenheit. Now if this was Alaska or northern Canada, this may not be unusual, but it is a little extreme for the middle of Minnesota. Fargo, North Dakota is our closest city with tv stations.  One morning Fargo reported a low temperature of forty-two degrees below zero. Now this may not be a record, but it was pretty darn cold. Worse yet, the wind chill was recorded at minus one-hundred, five degrees below zero (This was before the National Weather Service changed the formula, but that would be another story).

Late that morning I got a call from Sheri, starting out "Darlin' I hear it is cold up there today."

My reply was "Yep, forty-two below." This was followed by about ten seconds of silence.  Now we like to think we're tough up here, but this is just plain cold. Unprotected skin will develop frost bite in well under five minutes.

"That's the wind chill,right?" was Sheri's reply.

In the back of my mind, I remember that Arkansas doesn't get to much of what we call winter and that they shut down when they get a couple inches of snow. "No, the wind chill was about one-hundred and five below."

This comment was followed by thirty seconds or more of silence. I thought maybe I'd lost the connection. Finally, Sheri comes back "Honey, why don't you move?"

Although we often say the extreme cold "keeps the riff-raff out," I really didn't have a highly intelligent response.

Since this conversation, I was lucky enough to visit Ranger Boats and Flippin, Arkansas several time. Unfortunately, Sheri had taken a different job, so I never met her face-to-face, although there were several others that extended their southern hospitality that made every visit enjoyable

Luckily, I haven't seen this temperature since. Hopefully, next time Fargo reports this type of temperature, I'll be sunning myself in Hawaii, Jamaica or Arkansas, anyplace not that cold.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Marketing Expert

Recruiters, Executive Recruiters, Headhunters - looking for a marketing expert for your client in Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo, Hawley, Barnsville, Detroit Lakes, Mahnomen, Perham, Wadena or any point in-between?

I have a deep marketing background, gained through nearly 15 years of experience in the Lund Boat Company Marketing Department. I started out as an entry-level Marketing Intern and grew my career through hard work and a little luck. I held titles including Advertising and Promotion Manager, Marketing Manager, Director of Advertising and Promotion, and Director of Marketing at this industry-leading company. I earned the respect of Lund leaders, my coworkers, Lund dealers and leaders of companies throughout the marine and fishing industries.
Sadly, after over fourteen years at Lund, I made the decision to seek new challenges in my career. Management changes and changes in the culture of the organization inspired me to enter the arena and hunt for a new position.

Let me help your client advance their marketing efforts. Put my knowledge to work to help your client's company grow and prosper. Review my resume here or on my website, http://ehausten.googlepages.com/home . If you think I have what it takes to help your client's business, please contact me at ehausten@gmail.com or by phone at 218-847-0309.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Meeting Planning

Back to school sales are packing the papers. That means that the summer is coming to a close. Wow did this summer fly by!

With fall coming soon, you may have a business meeting or holiday party coming up soon. Let me put my experience to work to help you stage a successful meeting! For fourteen years I planned and executed meeting for groups ranging from 20 to over 400 people.

Let me help you with:
Site selection
Catering coordination
Invitation design
Multi-media support
And much more!

Please contact me at 218-847-0309 or ehausten@gmail.com to start planning you meeting today!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Let me make you look great!

Have a marketing project, but not the time or expertise to get it done?

Let me put my knowledge to work for you!

For over fourteen years I handled marketing projects for Lund Boat company. I can take my talents and make you and your company look great! My areas of experience include:
- Photo shoot management
- Product photography
- Catalog and brochure development and production
- Corporate meeting management and coordination
- Tradeshow planning, set-up and staffing
- Media relations
- Advertising coordination and placement
- Promotion management

I have the experience to make you look great! Please contact me at ehausten@gmail.com with any questions.

Friday, June 15, 2007

As I grew in my career, I became the go-to marketing person at Lund Boat Company. I carried industry-leading marketing projects - catalogs, meetings, advertising, websites and promotions - from start to finish, positioning Lund as the brand of boat customers want to buy. I got the job done!

I am currently looking for the next chapter in the story that is my professional life. I am seeking a new job opportunity in the marketing field. My area of concentration is the Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to the Fargo - Moorhead area. I am also looking in the communities of Perham, Frazee, Fergus Falls, Lake Park, Audubon, Hawley, Glyndon, Dilworth and West Fargo.

As my resume shows, I have an exceptional background in managing large marketing projects. I have been instrumental in helping Lund grow to the company it is today. I did not do this alone, I had a great team to collaborate with.

My areas of specialization include:
  • Literature development and production management
  • Photo shoot coordination and management
  • Meeting coordination and management
  • Promotion development and administration
  • Advertising development supervision and placement
  • Branding development and management
  • Off-site event planning and management
  • Media relations
  • Trade show coordination
  • Website management
  • Product photography

I use creativity and passion in everything I do. I grew up in my family's hardware store - I know the value of honesty, integrity, customer service and hard work. I take ownership of each project and employ my midwest work-ethic to push my abilities and ensure that the finished project is outstanding.Let me put my skills to work for you. I can make your business marketing run smoother, growing your revenue and profits. Please contact me at ehausten@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eric's Resume

Eric Hausten
14875 Woodland Drive
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 56501
E-mail ehausten@gmail.com

In my 14 years with Lund Boat Company, I advanced from Marketing Intern to Director of Marketing. My title changed to Advertising and Promotions Manager after a management restructuring in November 2006. I managed key marketing programs allowing Lund to grow gross revenue by over 300% in 14 years. I am an accomplished manager with an excellent record of growth and productivity, marketing industry-leading products with creativity and passion. I want to utilize my extensive project management and marketing skills to grow the brand, sales and profits in a successful company.


Lund Boat Company
New York Mills, MN
July 1992 to April 2007.
Advertising and Promotions Manager

• Coordinated Lund 68-page full-line catalog.
Complete supervision of catalog development. Managed concepts, photography, copy, proofing and approval of industry-leading catalog. 225,000 catalogs distributed to 325 North American dealers on budget and on time. Designed and produced other flyers and brochures as needed.
• Coordinated Lund dealer conference.
Sat on dealer conference planning committee. Coordinated all aspects of this annual meeting. Produced successful meetings for up to 600 personnel from over 150 dealerships across North America.
• Managed Lund Boat Company advertising.
Managed creative development and placement of television and print advertising. Planned and managed Lund’s $750,000 annual advertising program.
• Managed Catch of the Year & Spring Catch promotional programs.
Designed and managed Lund’s promotional programs. The Catch of the Year program grew retail registrations by more than four times in the difficult fall season. Spring Catch grew registrations in the challenging spring season.
• Represented Lund on Brunswick Branding Working Group.
Reviewed data for all Brunswick freshwater fishing boat and pontoon brands versus the competitive brands. Interacted with coworkers from other Brunswick companies to position Lund and other Brunswick brands for market share growth.
• Web site management.
Sat on Lund Internet Steering Committee. Reviewed and approved retail website concepts, layout and content. Led content development for Lund consumer e-newsletter.
• Directed Lund’s annual point of purchase programs.
Directed program administered by other marketing personnel. Assisted with concepts and designs. Provided final approval of all point of sale items.
• Supervised Lund Sportswear program.
Coordinated Lund Sportswear program with licensed outside sportswear company.
• Coordinated trade shows.
Designed and coordinated all aspects of Lund trade show booth layout. Assisted trade and retail customers.
• Photographed boats and accessories.
Produced photography used in full-line brochures, website, business presentations, short run product brochures, advertisements, and ad slicks.
• Coordinated media relations.
Coordinated annual product release press kit design, copywriting and distribution. Wrote and produced topical press releases. Acted as primary contact with media.
• Administered retail co-op advertising program.
Managed personnel that approved and requisitioned payments of co-op advertising claims for 150 eligible United States dealers.
• Dealer Sales and Marketing Coordination.
Acted as temporary District Sales Manager for seven of Lund’s largest dealers.
• Negotiated and administered Lund/GMC joint marketing partnership.
Managed Lund GMC affinity program and associated cross promotional activities.

Hillsboro Banner
Hillsboro, ND
February 1992 to July 1992.
Newspaper Advertising Representative

• Sold print advertising.
Conducted regional advertising sales for Hillsboro Banner and Kelly Publishing, owner of Hillsboro Banner.
• Advertisement and newspaper layout and design.
Designed and produced print advertisements. Assisted in newspaper paste-up.

KQWB Radio
Moorhead, MN
October 1991 to February 1992.
Telemarketing Salesperson

• Sold radio advertising.
Conducted telemarketing advertising sales for regional special events programming.

• Compose radio copy.
Create radio copy for local and regional advertisers.

Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, Advertising concentration,
Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, MN. February 1991.

• Minnesota Technologies Job Relations Training.
• American Management Association Newsletter Design Seminar.
• American Management Association Desktop Publishing Seminar.